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Government Affairs

ADANL actively engages in government affairs, advocating for the rights and regulations that benefit our member dealers. Through regular meetings with key government partners, we voice our opinions on provincial policies and their impact on new car and truck dealers. We also extend our efforts to municipal governments, educating them about the significance of the auto retail sector for the local job market and economy. ADANL's advocacy ensures that the government considers the interests of dealers when developing policies and regulations.

Inter-Association Affairs

ADANL maintains close collaboration with the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) and other provincial executives. We meet bi-annually to ensure fairness and equity in rules and regulations for all members. If ADANL questions a particular regulation, we leverage our resources through CADA and other provincial associations to take unified action. At the provincial level, ADANL addresses local issues and concerns while working in collaboration with CADA to provide member dealers with access to funding, insurance programs, collaborative opportunities, best practices, and more. We actively contribute to a national solution and work closely with CADA to achieve realistic and attainable goals for the betterment of all association members.

Dealer Relations

Strong communication is vital for a healthy relationship between the association and our members. ADANL effectively utilizes electronic communication and in-house meetings to keep member dealers informed about our work. Additionally, dealer meetings are scheduled across the province annually to ensure that all dealers, regardless of their location, receive updates and have the opportunity to discuss and find solutions for issues unique to their respective regions.

Dealer and Associate Conference

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) serves as a cornerstone event, bringing together key personnel from dealerships and associate member companies. Dealer Principals, General Managers, and Sales Managers attend from our dealership stores, along with associate members representing businesses that supply goods and services to our dealerships. The AGM includes an election meeting for dealer members, informative business speakers, and a gala dinner. Check back as information on our AGM will be added as developed.

Searching for Talent

ADANL recognizes the importance of promoting learning opportunities in the automotive industry. We invest significantly in the promotion of scholarships available to students at the Automotive Business School of Canada, nurturing their interests and facilitating their understanding of the retail automobile industry.

Supporting our Members

In collaboration with CADA, ADANL offers member dealers access to the CADA 360 Programs, which include CADA 360 Employee Benefits, Retirement Savings, Garage Insurance, and Home and Auto Insurance. Our members benefit from the attractive group rates offered through these programs.

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